Does Premier Drugstore perform COVID testing?

No, Premier Drugstore does not perform COVID testing. We usually have some at-home rapid COVID testing kits for sale in the store.

Does Premier Drugstore give COVID shots in the store?

Yes, Premier Drugstore currently gives COVID vaccines in the store on Mondays through Fridays from 9am-1pm and 1:30pm-5pm. We give shots on Saturdays from 9am-12:30pm. Walk-ins are welcome. We currently do not make appointments. We close for lunch from 1:00pm-1:30pm on weekdays.

How much does a COVID shot cost?

COVID shots are no longer covered by the US Government. Most insurances cover COVID shots at no charge to the patient. Cash prices for uninsured individuals are: Novavax $150; Pfizer and Moderna $160. We are enrolled in the Bridge Access Program that allows uninsured individuals to get a free Pfizer or Moderna COVID vaccine. In order to be eligible, patients must first register at covidaccess.com and bring the voucher that prints at the end of registration.

What do I need to bring and do I need an appointment for a COVID vaccine?

Please bring your state issued ID, your insurance card, and your form of payment if uninsured and not utilizing the Bridge Access Program. No appointment is needed.

Can I get a flu shot and COVID shot at the same time?

Yes, the CDC states that it is perfectly fine to get a flu shot and COVID shot at the same time. They can even be given in the same arm if given at least 1 inch apart.

When can I get my COVID booster shot?

All adults will be eligible for a 2023/24 COVID vaccine as long as it has been 2 months since your last COVID vaccine.

More info for immunocompromised people can be found at the CDC website.

Does Premier Drugstore have Paxlovid?

No, we do not currently stock Paxlovid. A recent study showed no benefit in people under the age of 65 and it causes rebound COVID. You can read more about it here.

What vaccines can I get at Premier Drugstore?

Premier Drugstore offers quite a few vaccines. Georgia state law allows trained pharmacists to prescribe and administer adult ACIP-approved vaccines. We try to keep the following in stock at all times: COVID-19, Shingles, RSV, Hepatitis B, Pneumonia, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis, teenage meningococcal, and Flu shots (during flu season). The ACIP list can be found here.

We now have the newly approved RSV vaccine. It is covered fully by Medicare. It is recommended for all adults aged 60 years and up.

How do I get my prescriptions transferred to Premier Drugstore?

Transfers are easy! Gather your prescriptions bottles together and then call the store at 770-635-8509. Select the option to speak to a pharmacy staff member, and the staff member will ask you for the info they need off of your prescription bottles. Alternatively, you can submit an online request for transfers.

Rx Transfer Request Form

Does Premier Drugstore do deliveries?

Yes, Premier Drugstore offers delivery for local customers for a small fee. Call for more information.

How long does it take for Premier Drugstore to fill a prescription?

Typically, the wait at Premier Drugstore is very short compared to the retail pharmacy chains and grocery stores. Most people are serviced in a matter of minutes. Some compounded prescriptions can be completed the same day. Most compounded medications will require 24-72 hours notice. Semaglutide can take up to 10-14 days.

Does Premier Drugstore offer custom compounding of medications?

Yes, Premier Drugstore offers compounding of capsules, creams, ointments, gels, troches, liquids, buccal strips, suppositories, and a small selection of injections. We ask for 48-72 hours notice on most compounded prescriptions. Some may take a little longer.

Does Premier Drugstore accept my insurance?

Premier Drugstore accepts a large number of insurances including all Georgia Medicaid plans and many Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. However, due to increased fees and decreased reimbursement from some Medicare plans, we have had to stop accepting a small number of Medicare plans. We only ever decline to be contracted with an insurance company if the insurance company is not willing to at least pay us the cost of the drugs we dispense. So, if we do not accept your insurance, that is because your insurance company refuses to reimburse the pharmacy at least the cost of the drugs. We are in a large buying group that offers the same buying power as large chains, so we are already getting the best prices available on medications.

We currently accept almost all commercial plans, which means if you are insured through your work, we probably accept your insurance. To find out if we accept your prescription insurance, call us at 770-635-8509.

As of October 2022, we do not accept Tricare for prescriptions or flu shots. This was not our choice. We tried to negotiate a contract that would allow us to not lose money by filling prescriptions for Tricare patients, but Tricare and ExpressScripts refused to negotiate. They dropped approximately half of all independent pharmacies from their network. A nationwide grocery store also dropped Tricare after seeing that it is impossible to not lose money by servicing their members. Kroger Story

Does Premier Drugstore offer Naloxone Nasal Spray without a prescription?

Currently, anyone in Georgia can walk into our pharmacy and purchase a Naloxone Nasal Spray without a prescription from their doctor. Additionally, any business/organization/school or other entity in Georgia can purchase them without a special order from a physician. We currently have some free naloxone injections for those that cannot afford the nasal spray.

Does Premier Drugstore participate in iPledge program and dispense Isotretinoin (Accutane)?

Yes, Premier Drugstore participates in the iPledge program and carries isotretinoin. We know how to navigate the iPledge system which typically leads to a shorter wait than at the big chain stores.

Does Premier Drugstore offer bubble-packaging of prescription medicine filled at other pharmacies such as a mail order pharmacy?

Premier Drugstore does not offer bubble-packaging for medications filled at other pharmacies. Current state and federal regulations require so much paperwork for repackaging of medications from another pharmacy that it is nearly impossible to do it right and follow all of the recording requirements. Therefore, Premier Drugstore does not bubble-package medications purchased from another pharmacy.

Does Premier Drugstore offer bubble-packaging of prescription medicine filled at Premier Drugstore?

Due to the rising costs of goods, decreasing reimbursement rates from PBMs and insurance companies, and ever-increasing state and federal regulations, we have been unable to find a way to continue to offer this service without passing on a prohibitively large cost to the consumer. Therefore, we no longer offer this service to new customers.

Can Premier Drugstore ship my compounded prescription?

Premier Drugstore is authorized to ship compounded medications throughout the State of Georgia. By law, any controlled substance prescriptions require an adult signature at the time of delivery. Cold items will be shipped in an insulated container with cold packs.

Does Premier Drugstore have the Monkeypox vaccine?

No, we do not have the monkeypox vaccine. There are two monkeypox vaccines in the United States. The distribution of these vaccines is determined at the federal level. The US currently does not allow the distribution of the monkeypox vaccines to retail pharmacies. Please contact your local health department for information on how to get the vaccine.

How do I get Carnaburn capsules?

Carnaburn Capsules can be purchased at Carnaburn.com.

What is the return policy for Carnaburn Capsules?

We are happy to return unopened bottles within 14 days of purchase if the seal is still intact. Returns can be initiated on the Carnaburn portal.