What is Naloxone Nasal Spray?

Naloxone nasal spray is an opiate antagonist. That means that naloxone blocks opiates from attaching to opiate receptors, which prevents the opiates from working. When would someone need naloxone? Naloxone is given to someone who has overdosed on opiates to bring them out of unconsciousness and improve their breathing. The most common cause of death from opiate overdose is respiratory failure. Naloxone will reverse this common high-dose adverse effect.

Who needs Naloxone Nasal Spray?

If you know someone who takes opiates, you should have some naloxone around. It is possible to have an accidental overdose and need a naloxone rescue. Anyone that has teenagers or young adults living in the home should have some naloxone handy. There have been numerous cases of teens taking something from a friend or dealer and dying because the product they purchased was laced with fentanyl. Drug dealers sometimes use fentanyl in place of other less dangerous opiates because it is cheaper and they will make more money. But, sometimes the labs mess up and end up making their product lethal. Every law enforcement and EMS vehicle should have naloxone available. Below are links to recent articles:







How do I get Naloxone Nasal Spray?

Naloxone is now easy to get in the State of Georgia. Naloxone currently requires a prescription, but the Georgia Department of Public Health Director writes a blanket prescription that covers all persons and entities in the state. That means that no one needs a prescription from their doctor. Anyone can just come into Premier Drugstore and we can fill a prescription for it and dispense it to you.

How much does Naloxone Nasal Spray cost?

If you are insured, your price for Naloxone is determined by your insurance company. We have seen copays range from $0.00 all the way up to around $100 for a 2-pack of the nasal spray.

The current cash price for uninsured individuals is around $99 per two-pack but the price is subject to change based on market conditions and product availability.

Law enforcement, EMS, other First Responders, school systems and businesses will receive bulk discounts.