Any licensed prescriber can prescribe compounded weight loss medication. If you have your own doctor, you can ask if they would be willing to prescribe it for you. Some prescribers are not familiar with compounded weight loss medications and may not be willing to prescribe for you. If you need a prescription for weight loss medicine, the following providers have been detailed on compounded weight loss and are well-trained in weight loss and wellness. There are even telemedicine options:

NPractice offers an initial telehealth visit of $85 (plus lab costs if uninsured) and monthly follow-ups are $65 per visit.

If you pick one of these providers, make sure to tell them you were referred by Premier Drugstore so they send the prescription to the correct pharmacy.

One of our previous providers, SoWal Health, no longer has a licensed provider in Georgia. If you used them previously, please choose another provider.