Pharmaceutical compounding is the process of taking a drug that has already been deemed safe and effective by the FDA and putting that drug into a dosage form or strength that is not commercially available. The result is a dosage form and strength that is specifically tailored for a specific patient. Pharmaceutical compounding can also be done if a person needs a commercially available product but has an allergy or intolerance to one of the inactive ingredients in the commercially-available product.

Pharmaceutical compounding can be divided up into two separate categories: sterile and non-sterile.

Sterile vs. Non-sterile Compounding

Sterile compounding involves the compounding of drugs that must be sterile at the time of administration such as injectable drugs and eye drops. Sterile products must be made in special labs with special vents and equipment. Non-sterile compounding involves the compounding of drugs that do not have to be sterile when administered such as creams, ointments, gels, capsules, tablets, suppositories, and many others. Premier Drugstore performs traditional non-sterile compounding on site. While not mixed in a sterile area, the compounded prescriptions are made in a very clean compounding lab that meets all state and federal guidelines. We do offer some sterile compounded prescriptions that are made at an FDA-regulated, state-licensed sterile compounding pharmacy.


There are millions of people in this world, but there are only a few dosage forms and strengths of each drug available commercially. So, it is quite possible for a person to fall between two dose sizes. It is also possible that the drug is only available in on particular form, such as a capsule, but a patient cannot use the available dosage form. That’s where a pharmaceutical compounder can come in. A pharmaceutical compounder can make a personalized custom dose in a custom dosage form specific for you and your condition.


Many people ask if pharmaceutical compounding is safe. If industry standards are followed, compounding is a very safe practice that can improve patient outcomes. Premier Drugstore follows all state and federal regulations for compounding including USP 795 Compounding Guidelines. Staff involved in compounding are well trained to perform their duties before being allowed to work in the compounding lab. All of our formulas and ingredients come from reputable and fully licensed compounding wholesalers.


Many insurance companies do not pay for compounded prescriptions but some do. Premier Drugstore does not bill insurance for compounded medications. We can provide you with the paperwork you need to submit a claim yourself if you are interested.


Premier Drugstore is authorized to ship compounded medications throughout the State of Georgia. Any controlled substances do require an adult signature upon delivery.