Premier Drugstore is the only pharmacy located in downtown Douglasville, GA. Premier Drugstore was opened by Dr. Bryan Green in 2016 with the goal of becoming Douglas County’s premier place for all of your health needs. Premier Drugstore strives to provide excellent customer service at reasonable prices.

Dr. Green was born at Cobb Hospital and is a 2002 graduate of Douglas County High School. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Georgia in 2011. He worked for a few years as a staff pharmacist at Kroger and then departed to learn the ins and outs of pharmacy ownership. A few months later, Premier Drugstore was born and he has not looked back. He loves giving back to the community and helping others achieve optimal health!

Bryan Green, Pharm.D. prepared to vaccinate

The pharmacists at Premier Drugstore have over 100 years of combined pharmacy experience with over 80 of those years here in Douglas County, GA. This means our pharmacists know the local doctors and can generally get prescription issues fixed faster than the chain stores.

While chain stores time their pharmacists and write them up for spending time with patients, we welcome the opportunity to engage with our customers and discuss new medications and side effects. We try to offer a pharmacy experience like it is supposed to be. The Premier Drugstore Team feels like family, and we welcome you to join our family!

Premier Drugstore is the premier place in Douglasville to get your GA Medicaid prescriptions filled. We have Prior Authorization experts on staff at all times and GA Medicaid Formulary experts on hand to assist your physician in choosing a drug that is covered on your plan. If you want to save time and get your prescriptions sooner than other places, come to Premier Drugstore. We are the GA Medicaid experts. We accept all GA Medicaid plans.

What Our Customers Say

“I was desperate to get my son’s antibiotic filled and all of the pharmacies around town were quoting me hours to get it done. I took it to Premier Drugstore and walked out a few minutes later with medication in hand. I am so grateful to Premier Drugstore for taking care of me and my son that day.”

– Lakesha H

“I am forever thankful for your attention.  It’s been a rough couple of years – and you and all the staff have made our situation much easier..  Thanks for the prompt response.  Bless you all.”

– Julieanne J

“The Premier Drugstore team is always so welcoming and professional. I love going in there because it has an old-school pharmacy feel to it. Everyone knows my name when I come in.”

– Dennis T

“I was so worried that my child would not let them give him his COVID shot. They were well prepared and he hardly pitched a fit. Having a sucker and treat bag really helped him get through the fear. I was one happy Mama. I will be returning to Premier Drugstore.”

– Teresa K

“When I started going through perimenopause, my hormones were so screwed up and I was having hot flashes all of the time. Dr. Bryan and his team helped me locate a doctor that knows about hormone replacement, and they began compounding a cream that I use daily. It took a little while to get the dose perfect, but now I am symptom free and could not be more happy.”

– Margaret B

“I began taking Complete Immunity from Premier Drugstore at the start of this pandemic. I was very good about taking them every day as instructed. I could not talk the rest of my family into taking it. When COVID blew through my family, I was the only one that did not get sick. Thanks Premier Drugstore for giving me Complete Immunity!”

– Michael K